Astrological Predictions 2013-14

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Let’s take a look at my predictions for 2012-13 and see what actually happened: Here’s what I predicted: -More uprisings and riots. There were riots in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Israel, Greece and Spain. -An escalation of natural disasters. There was an avalanche in Afghanistan, epic fires in Colorado, and a 7.7 earthquake off the east coast of British Columbia, Canada causing a tsunami in Hawaii. -Water issues worldwide. We saw widespread flooding in Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Romania, North Korea, Nigeria, the UK, Spain, a typhoon in the Philippines and Hurricane Sandy. -Rising unemployment into double digits in many countries. Spain and Greece are over 25% and an average of 11% in the 27 EU member states. US is reported at 8% but probably closer to 12%. -Governments taking more control over our privacy. On November 20th, the Senate rewrote a bill which now allows the feds to read private emails without a warrant. This law increases government access to emails and other digital files. This rewrite was done quietly and secretly. It now allows more than 22 agencies to access Americans’ email, Google Docs files, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter direct messages without a search warrant. It also gives the FBI and Homeland Security more authority to gain full access to Internet accounts without notifying either the owner or a judge. I am expecting sneaky controls over our freedoms and our privacy to encroach on us gradually and without our being aware of it until it’s too late. -More QE. i.e. money printing. In September of 2012, the US embarked on QE3, another huge round of borrowing and money printing. -Pension plans going bankrupt. E.g. The US Postal Service is broke and cannot pay into their pension fund, teachers retirement funds have gone broke, public pensions in many countries are underfunded and in danger of going under. -More focus on banks and financial institutions, a tightening of their regulations, more bailouts, more greed and more fraudulent activities. And that’s exactly what’s happened. -Growth of new technology, mobile phones and social networking. Apple launched its IPhone 5 in September, Smartphones, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Pinterest have all seen accelerated growth. There were advances in Iphones, android phones and an upsurge in the use of mobile apps. -A rise in anti- immigration laws and regulations. Since 2010, when Arizona introduced draconian immigration laws, 35 other states have tried to introduce similar rulings. -Price of gold and silver continuing to rise. Whilst precious metals didn’t perform as well as I expected, they have still risen nearly 5% this year and it is only a matter of time before gold reaches over $3000 an ounce and silver is at $100 an ounce. 2013-2014 – Important Astrological Aspects -There is a great deal of Water activity with Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter going into Cancer on June 25th making a Grand Trine in Water. -All three Mercury retrograde periods are in Water signs. -Intense Cardinal activity happening building up to the Grand Cross in December, one of the most powerful astrological aspects with Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Cancer and Mars in Libra. The ongoing square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is very much in force during 2013. Remember that Uranus rules uranium and Pluto rules plutonium so there is a likelihood of increased nuclear instability and nuclear accidents. This is going to be accentuated when Jupiter goes into Cancer at the end of June 2013 as Jupiter always increases and amplifies everything, so you can expect even stronger dissonance with respect to the economy, politics, weather changes especially earthquakes and volcanoes. The USA has Jupiter and Sun conjunct in Cancer (July 4th, 1776), so the second half of 2013 and the first half of 2014 is its Jupiter return. Expect to see issues around Homeland security, the safety of US citizens, and a search for belonging and security in general. The positive and negative issues will be highly polarised. It will be a year of opposites: war and peace, moving forwards and moving backwards, safety and vulnerability, balancing business and personal, home and work, emotional ups and downs, periods when a great deal is happening and periods that seem as though nothing is happening, holding onto the past and yet striving towards the future. The Cardinal signs signify that we need to be responsible for our own destiny and not rely on our governments to provide stability and security for our future. Let’s not forget the powerful Grand Trine in Water with Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. This is particularly strong during July 2013 but lasts energetically until mid-2014. This will bring increased confidence especially by lawmakers and governments in our economic and political systems. There could even be an upswing in the economy and the US dollar could go up in value. If it does happen, it will probably be short-lived and by the middle of 2014 if there has been an improvement in the economy, it is likely to be followed by a sharp drop a year or so later. Neptune in Pisces for the next 14 years indicates more flooding, tsunamis and excess water especially in coastal areas. There could also be issues with water purity and contamination. On February 9th, Mars is conjunct to Neptune which could be very favourable. It could be an opportunity to achieve something you have been dreaming of. On 21st March, Mars goes into Aries and will be conjunct with Uranus. This is a combustible combination and could lead to explosions and sudden riots, upsets, surprises. It can also indicate war. On 21st July 2013, Mars conjuncts with Jupiter in Cancer which adds more power to the T-square with Uranus and Pluto. I expect this to bring more sudden changes with respect to governments, control issue, power, the economy, social issues. On December 7th, Mars goes into Libra which completes the Grand Cross with Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer. This is extremely powerful and will be the beginning of even more vast changes. Mars usually stays in a sign for about 2 months, but this time it goes retrograde on March 1st 2014 and stays in Libra until July 26th 2014. So we can expect another 6 – 7 months of opposing energies where agreements are hard to find and where progress is restricted. This can be happening not only on the macro level, but also on the micro level in your own life. You may feel as though your life is not moving ahead, as if you are in a holding pattern and you don’t know what action to take. When you take action there may be little or no apparent results. Keep in mind that the earth is in the middle of all these opposing and squaring planets and you may find yourself trying to look forward and being pulled backwards, deciding to take a risk and then backing out of it, changing your mind frequently, your location, your job and your relationships. It will take a huge effort for you to break free of old, destructive habit patterns and to move into a new, more uncertain yet happier life. Old structures that are no longer working for you will be pulled down. You may feel lonely, isolated and abandoned, but try to remain strong and realise that the reason that this is happening is because subconsciously you wanted more for yourself in your life. The old relationships that were draining and not fulfilling, the job that you hated, the lack of purpose and direction you felt in your life-.all this had to change for you to be happy and feeling as though you were fulfilling your destiny on the planet. You will have the opportunity to move to a higher vibration, but to do that you will have to let go of the old and to be ready to move into the unknown and to have faith in the new. It will be a particularly powerful time for the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (and this will apply if it is your Sun, Moon or ascendant sign), and also for all the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Summary of Predictions for 2013-2014: -Worsening global economic crisis with more demonstrations and civil unrest -Youth protesters will turn violent even though we have had mainly peaceful protests so far -Higher unemployment -Stock market earnings slide lower -Multiple investigations of banking corruption and fraud -Rising oil and food costs -More failures of large insurance companies -Extreme weather patterns from very hot to very cold -Gold and silver to be very volatile with even more price manipulation, sometimes going lower and then much higher -More power outages and for longer -Survival kits will become a necessity -Alternative power sources will become more mainstream – more use of green technologies: solar power plants, rooftop solar panels, wind farms, geothermal uses, hydrogen power plants -Greater paranormal activity – more reporting of visitations from other beings -Space exploration increasing and the uncovering of greater knowledge -More people power using Twitter, Facebook and other social media concerning customer service. For the first time ever the consumer will have the power when rating a restaurant, hotel, airline, computer, products and services in general -Increase in military threats especially in the Middle East and this could be very explosive towards the end of 2013 when Mars is square to Uranus -Despite the crisis, some industries will grow. E.g. certain medical areas such as: regenerative medicine growing new bones, cartilage etc. -Growth in certain food industries, catering, food technology -New types of restaurants and food outlets -Greater knowledge and research placed on nutrition and diet -Healing and health products become more prominent -Focus on locally grown food and its preservation -Advances in water purification techniques -Energy efficient housing construction market growing e.g. passive houses -Security businesses could see massive growth – physical and/or virtual -Breakthroughs in oceanography and our understanding of the sea -3D printing become more accessible and getting closer to becoming mainstream -Traditional newspapers becoming obsolete – new forms of media where we the people are the reporters, not the controlling few who sift the news and keep us uninformed I am anticipating that overall economically, times will get worse over the next few years. Some economists are forecasting an upswing in the economy from the middle of 2013. And indeed with the grand water trine and Jupiter in Cancer, this is possible for a brief time. However, we should not be misled into thinking that the crisis is behind us and that we can confidently invest with security. With Uranus strongly featuring for the next 6 years, we will have to learn to expect the unexpected. I didn’t expect gold and silver to drop as sharply as they have done over the last few weeks. However, markets never go up in a straight line. If they did, everyone would be able to make a fortune. I am anticipating greater volatility and uncertainty in the markets with wider swings from high to low than ever before. If you are a good trader during these times, you could make a fortune. However, you could also lose a fortune. But the opportunities will be there. The key through all this hardship is going to be compassion and love with people coming together and helping one another through the changes. We can choose to make this a pleasurable and joyful time or we can make it even more difficult for ourselves. The choice is ours. I vote for helping one another, looking out for different ways of doing things, thinking outside the box, sharing our knowledge and expertise, working together and creating a new, exciting and better future for us all.

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Electronic Cigarettes Gives Tobacco Companies Worry Lines

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Tobacco products were once one of the most important commodities as a crop all across the world, but now, many large companies and farmers who made their living off of tobacco are probably sorely hurting and terrified about what’s going to happen. Of course, they probably started to worry when so many places across the country banned smoking in public, in fear that people would just quit, especially with the extra problem of so many being arguing the danger of cigarettes. But for those who didn’t want to quit and who wanted to smoke anywhere, they found an easy fix (literally) smokeless cigarettes, often called electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

Smokeless cigarettes have been on the market for awhile, although they didn’t really take off until people were basically forced into them. They offer quite a few alternatives to smokers, especially in the fact that they’re less harmful to themselves and those around them since they don’t contain tar and other chemicals like real tobacco cigarettes. Secondly, they end up helping people save money since most that made the switch say they smoke less, and third of all, they’re able to smoked almost anywhere. Additionally, when someone orders an e-cigarette starter kit online, for example, they often try to get away with no paying tax on cigarettes and feel they’re saving money there.

Cost was a big motivator for many in this economy. Although when ordering your first e-cigarette starter kit, you’ll probably have to make a larger investment than you would if you were just buying regular cigarettes for the first. This is because when you order an e-cigarette starter kit, you’re basically getting all of the supplies you need to be a user of smokeless cigarettes. An E-cigarette starter kit includes e-juice, which is the liquid that is made up of nicotine and a chemical that helps the liquid vaporize into the -smoke’ that smokers inhale. The e-cigarette starter kit also includes the mouthpiece, either one or two batteries, and some refillable and disposable e-juice cartridges. Additionally, smokers are able to choose different kinds of e-juice and learn over time what kind of smokeless cigarettes they like best. Some e-juice is even available completely nicotine free.

Smoking e-cigarettes gave many smokers the chance to basically continue doing something they enjoyed, and although it make take a bit more work to get started and learn, it’s well worth the convenience and cost in the end.

To find a reliable, trustworthy source online to buy smokeless cigarettes, visit, where you’ll find products at a great price with great quality, including accessories like e-juice, e-cartridges, and if you’re shopping for electronic cigarettes for the first time, you can even find a great e-cigarette starter kit!

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How You Can Spend Less Electricity

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Every single time you’re keeping electricity, you might be keeping money. What is more, you support lessen demand for non-renewable fuels for example coal, oil and natural gas. Simply by lowering the burning of non-renewable fuels, we are decreasing the emission of co2, that is the major cause of climate change and air pollution. Today, people have total power and selection to alter how they take advantage of energy by way of numerous distinct energy saving actions. By exercising just a couple ways to saving and preserving energy, you are lowering the yearly man emissions by a lot of money plus your electricity bills by hundreds of dollars each and every thirty day period! Can you envision that? Being able to conserve big-time must not be a bad idea.

It is possible to start by not utilizing your automobile as typically as you sense the need to. It is neither impossible nor hard; it is exactly that people are so used to it that with out it everyday living will become hard and annoying. But there are truly different less complicated techniques like utilizing public transport automobiles, bicycling, or walking, in the end everybody knows it is a good workout. Turn out the lighting in the day and allow day light to give light to your workplace or room. Make an effort to look around and see if you’ll find abandoned lighting and other non-active kitchen appliances or equipments. You are able to preserve loads of energy just by unplugging a couple of things. Switch low your home or office fridge. These kinds of units account to approximately 20% of the whole home electricity usage. Try a thermometer to set the fridge temperature about thirty-five degrees as well as the freezer about three degrees as possible. Make sure you’ve initialized the energy saving switch. Also check the seals around the doors and ensure they are adequately sealed and clean. Pick only energy efficiency labels / templates for the brand new products or if you exchange old devices. Usually look the Energy Star labels. This is the assurance that the main product will be able to save energy and prevent air pollution. Invest in products of similar size to your wants, not necessarily the largest one you’ll be able to get. Don’t thoroughly fill the washer, simply because this usually cuts the utilization of warm water at approximately 60-70 % unlike common units. Exchanging a vintage refrigerator with the latest model, the one having a label with higher efficiency, will definitely preserve you money significantly. Acquire light bulbs. These compact types help save energy extremely satisfactorily. These are good methods to help save energy at home, particularly within the long term. Purchase lightweight fluorescent bulbs as they are quite energy efficient.

Despite the fact that they are originally much more costly, you can basically conserve money in the long-run with merely a quarter of energy from a standard energy light bulb, that could be about 9-12 times longer. And also they provide an equal amount of light. The great thing is that it is just about ten percent of energy created by a typical light bulb. If every family exchanged one typical light bulb with energy efficient fluorescent bulb, you could put away roughly 260 CO2 each year.

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Fitness Equipment Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine Review

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The problem with most people’s fitness regimens is that they become boring and repetitive too soon. As a result of this, there are scores of people who either do less exercising or completely stop their regimens. If you want to succeed at an efficient fitness programme, the solution is lots of diversity. If all you do is getting on a treadmill for a couple of times a week, you won’t achieve upper body strength. To be confident that each muscle group is being adequately trained, it’s imperative to switch out your exercise programme. Thus, try to locate fitness equipment which will drill nearly every muscle. The rowing machine is a prime selection because it will work out your upper and lower body along with your cardiovascular system. Here’s some information about a rower from Kettler: the Coach M.

Fitness Equipment: Key Features of the Kettler Coach M Rower

For around 549.00, you can have fitness equipment which is one of Kettler’s most superlative items of this variety. The Coach M is carefully prepared in Germany and includes a robust 6kg flywheel which presents constant functioning. The Coach M rower a choice of 10 levels of magnetic resistance which are so intense that they’ll keep you active and excited, though you might be in tip-top shape. Be sure to boost the resistance little by little, letting yourself become accustomed to each one of these new levels. Like most machines in its class, the Coach M has a console display with readouts that help keep your workout on track. This display shows time, distance covered, oar strokes, and energy consumption. To maximise the benefits of your workout, it’s important to keep your heart rate in a specific zone. The Coach M includes a Polar receiver along with an audio/visual alarm which lets you know when you have attained the highest acceptable pulse rate for your exercise routine. This ensures a workout that’s both safe and beneficial.

Fitness Equipment: Additional Information on Kettler’s Coach M Rower

Included with the Coach M is a padded board that allows you to perform an additional 18 fitness and strength exercises to complement and enhance your rowing workout. The maximum user weight that the rower will hold is 130kg, its dimensions are 206 x 53 x 67 (L x W x H in cm). A rowing machine is the ideal fitness equipment for people who are trying to lose weight because it has great calorie burning potential, more than a treadmill or exercise bicycle. It also offers a superior range of motion over these 2 exercise modalities. Only about 25 minutes of exercise on a rower is equal to about 40 minutes on a stationary bike. There’s no pressure put on the knees and ankles, so a rower is great for people who have problems with these joints. An effective rowing programme will help to develop leg and arm strength as well, without having to work out with cumbersome weights.

A class of fitness equipment like Kettler’s Coach M rowing machine is the ideal beginning for a useful and agreeable fitness regimen.

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Immediate Solutions Of website services – The Options

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In conclusion, the San Diego Comic Convention is fairly a conference to attend and through proper preperation, execution, along with a little luck, you as well can get tickets for this famed convention.  The real question is, “How much money can you create off half a million potential targeted customers.  You can visit San Diego to relish the homegrown coffee from San Diego coffee houses supplying the locality with perfectly crafted cup of coffee.  Review the testimonials and portfolio section to ensure there is certainly no future disappointments.  The professionals attached with such organizations are very trained and so they understand how to produce the contents informative and attractive.  Dave moved his funding web page to 500startups.  However, in a SEO site map with little text, keywords ought to be added whenever possible.  

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