A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Baby Clothing For First Time Moms

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Where do you start?

Buying baby clothing can be tricky business, especially for first time mums, there are so many baby dresses and outfits to choose from! I know I had a difficult time and made some blunders with my purchases along the way. Take advice from the guide below there are plenty of tips from mums on ‘how to buy baby clothing’ successfully.

1) What kind of baby clothing will I need?

Buying baby clothing can be a boggling experience, as your bump grows you will probably start to panic – ‘I don’t have any baby clothes!’ You will probably do what I did and start wandering around all the stores that sell baby clothes, baby furniture, baby gifts and so on. The choice is endless, this is where the danger lies in buying too many clothes for baby.

Too many baby clothes means your baby will only wear them once or twice (or sometimes not at all), babies grow very quickly and the next size up in that special outfit is needed before you know it! Leaving you with the cutest outfits ever, but no VALUE FOR MONEY.

The ideal way to buy baby clothing is to make sure you have enough outfits to get you through the week in a couple of different sizes, but not so many that you have overflowing drawers of baby outfits that haven’t even been unwrapped before your baby gets too big to wear them; or duplicate clothing that you didn’t really need.

Well, to be fair, duplicate baby clothing isn’t that big of any issue really, especially in the early days when baby clothes can only be worn once and usually for a couple of hours and all clothing needs to be continually washed and washed! In the early days make sure you have numerous baby dresses, bodysuits, comfortable playgro suits, and sleeping suits, basic tees, comfortable cotton pants, warm cardigans and coats or sunhats, depending on the season.

Before you buy new baby clothes check what time of the year your baby will be born, it could be around sale time, which is the best time to buy bulk lots of newborn baby clothing that you are going to need.

Once all of the confusion has settled you will have an exciting time buying your first newborn baby clothes, it is much more fun than buying clothes for yourself (honestly) – and then in time you will be having more fun when your baby grows out of that first lot of clothes, you will find yourself a more experienced shopper in the baby clothing department.


Sizes of baby clothing vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so we haven’t listed a definitive sizing guide here. Newborn sizes generally start from 0000 but this is actually quite a small size and unless you have a smaller than average baby, you might only get a month or two from this size. The best advice is to pre-buy in size 000 and then buy extra supplies in the 0000 size if you need to after the birth. Check labels for weight and height guidelines before you buy (average birth weight is 3.5kg). baby clothing tips

Look for:

Wide necks, or easy fastenings to get clothes over baby’s neck easily.
Fastenings to enable you to remove and change a nappy without completely undressing baby.
Snaps / press-studs are easy, safer and quicker than buttons.
No rough seams or uncomfortable material – natural, cotton, etc, is best.
Machine washable.
Check that buttons are sewn on well (baby could choke on little buttons).
No loose threads that little fingers or toes could get caught in.
Avoid ribbons and strings that babies can wrap around their necks.

Hopefully this comprehensive guide to baby your babies first clothes has been helpful to you! Remember, dont rush in a buy too many clothes before your baby is born, you can always buy more of the garments you need after the arrival of your newborn.

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Baby Shopping for New Parents

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How did you feel when you found out you were expecting a baby? Excited? Worried? Scared? A mixture of all three is perhaps how best to describe the emotions which are flitting through your head at this busy time. If you’re a first time Mum or Dad-to-be, you’re probably finding that there are simply hundreds of things to do.

Perhaps you want to redecorate before the little one arrives. Perhaps you’re planning on going abroad for one last holiday together as a couple. When I found out I was pregnant, my partner and I booked a two week holiday to the south of Spain. It didn’t cost a fortune and certainly wasn’t all-singing and all-dancing, but we had a great time savouring special time alone together and relived our romance, whilst also getting more and more excited about the baby.

My main advice as a parent would be to try and relax as much as possible whilst you are preparing for the birth of your first baby. If you start to stress out, you’re not going to enjoy the pregnancy and the anxiety is certainly not good for the baby. Take things one step at a time and try to address the big issues first. You may find that smaller things actually sort themselves out. Remember also to ask your friends and family to help, that is what they are there for after all!

When you and your partner find out you’re pregnant, the shopping bills can soon rack up. Cots, clothes, car seats, not to mention decorating the nursery, can all start to take their toll on your bank account. Shops are crafty in that they will try to trick you into buying things you don’t really need. Try not to be fooled into thinking you need to buy all the items which are on offer at any one time.

This list is compiled on the advice of parents who have gone through the experiences themselves. Some of the things on the list are bits you simply can’t do without, whilst others are additional extras. Why not use this list and cross reference it with your other lists? You don’t, after all, need to buy everything at once, so spread the cost by buying a few items at a time. That way you can think carefully about your purchases.

If you are further on in your pregnancy, a slight change of tact may be required. It is probably best that you gather the essentials as soon as you can, as baby could arrive at any time. Trust me, you do not want to be internet shopping at 3am with a squalling newborn! Whilst you’re at it, don’t forget to ensure you have packed your hospital bag with everything you’re going to need for your stay. Clothes -2 x socks -7 x vests -1 x hat -2 x jumpers -7 x stretch suits -1 x bootees – Nappies

Sleeping Items

-Carrycot -Cot -Mattress -Sheets -Room thermometer -Night light -Monitor -Sleep suits NOT blankets as these can cause suffocation to children under one


-Car seat (if you drive) -Baby bag to chuck all your stuff in -Pram which will allow baby to lie flat or at least 130 degrees from horizontal -Changing mat -Towels -Baby bath -Toys -Wipes -Nappy bags -Bottle feeding or breast feeding paraphernalia as advised by your doctor

Hopefully this list is a good starting point for you to embark on a baby shop. Use the internet to compare prices and remember that buying in bulk is always helpful. Good luck!

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A Slightly Sweet ‘N Crunchy Baby Carrots Recipe

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Here’s a slightly sweet, easy baby carrots recipe that will serve 4 to 6 as a side dish.

Like a lot of people, I really enjoy eating baby carrots. I enjoy them raw for a quick snack or to go with a sandwich at lunchtime. Whenever I happen to be am rounding up ingredients for chicken dumpling, turkey noodle, beef and noodle, or vegetable soup, I merely put them in the cooking pot without chopping them up. Their tiny size makes sure that I don’t have to work over slicing them up for soups but still they can be thick enough for being simmered for a long time in the pot without shredding. Down below is a recipe for baby carrots as the side dish.


1 lb . or 16 oz . of peeled, raw baby carrots (if you work with homegrown carrots from the garden, you will need eight or ten carrots in this recipe)

3 tbsps white sugar

1 tbsp . unsalted butter

Pinch of salt

Water to cover

Put the carrots, sugar, butter and salt inside a medium size pot and put water until it merely barely covers the tops of carrots. Bring water to a boil and then reduce heat to medium. Let the water to evaporate as your carrots boil and be careful to pour in a bit of water when necessary to help keep the carrots from getting stuck to the pot. Once in a while stir the carrots to guarantee thorough cooking. Carry on and cook the carrots at a gentle boil for eight to ten min or until all the baby carrots soft when stuck with a fork. Drain all of the water and serve either cold or hot.

It is possible to adjust this baby carrots recipe to your own preferences by using less sugar or salt. Should you prefer a sweeter carrot recipe, add another tablespoon of white sugar. Be sure to adjust the sugar to water proportions to make certain there is more than enough water to dissolve the additional sugar.

If excessive sugar is added to the carrots and the water inside the boiling pot isn’t increased, then the carrots could risk becoming sticky sweet and there is a risk for the sugar to burn in the pan. Savor every bite of this baby carrots recipe!

Salivating for more Southern cooking and recipes? Then try this butter beans recipe to compliment the baby carrots.

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There’s lots of Lululemon Canada fitness center bags obtainable to fit anyone’s style demands and requires, for both male and female alike. There’s definitively a style that you’ll come across to suit your requirements. It really is remarkable how many numerous types which might be available.

This may very well be the ideal multipurpose carryall of its form. It’s pretty versatile and functional to say the least. You may use it as a purse, a carry on if traveling on a plane or other travel means, and needless to say as a workout bag. It may hold your yoga mat and all the workout clothes and towels you need. And there is even a separate water bottle compartment, to keep your other items from getting damp.

It has a great number of pockets that aids to help keep your factors organized secure and maintained. Guys adore it because it appears amazing, not feminine and keeps every thing that they have to have in it when traveling back and forth for home business. Some have compartments which are made of a soft material to defend cell phones and other devices, that preserve them from becoming scratched. It makes a good individual bag at the same time, keeping your paper, books and so forth all protected and confined from others.

Girls enjoy them due to the fact not simply are they created from high-quality that you just can see and really feel, but which can be trusted to put on nicely. They come in lots of unique styles and colors. They could be as feminine as you need, to not at all if you’re alot more of a sports type of girl. Some are fashionably fairly when other folks are far more sporty.

The quality of these are unbeatable, trustworthy and trusted. They are particularly tough and some even include a coating so that it is waterproof. If caught off guard in a down pour, no should worry, the items you place inside won’t be harmed by the rain, the water can not get inside, as well as the outdoors will not endure any water harm.

There can be a vast selection available with lots of uses. These bags will quickly take you in the office to the mall for the fitness center. You’ll be able to identify some that your laptop will match into it perfectly. Nobody would even guess you were carrying a laptop with you, which might be a safety measure at occasions and in specific areas where you may should be.

The value of this well known brand name item is quite affordable due to the exceptional top quality you might be finding out of it. It is pure high quality, not cheaply made like a good deal of other brands around. If you’re searching for something that will last by means of just about any factor you place it by way of, then this really is what you wish.

You are likely to come across something from totes to duffel, athletic to hobo types and from fanny pack to back packs and everything in in between that you simply can believe of. Lululemon gym bags and Lululemon Groove Short Tall have a great number of designs available which you will without a doubt locate exactly what you would like. From masculine to feminine, from sporty to elegant. They make a splendid gift for any individual on your shopping list.

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Baby Milestones – Pulling Themselves Up

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If you are a first time parent, you will be excited for each developmental milestone in your babys life. You might be familiar with common developmental stages like smiling, crawling, and walking, but your baby doesnt stop at that. Although, all babies do not develop at the same pace, they are always learning and constantly pulling themselves up the milestone ladder. Therefore it is important that you understand and appreciate the different developmental stages your baby goes through.

When your baby is around four months old you will notice him trying to roll on his side or even on to his back without your help. It will start accidentally. Maybe your baby got to kicking and moving around and next thing he realizes this leads to a roll over on his tummy. This is the time to start watching your baby more closely. He may not be strong enough to immediately move his head or he could fall sound asleep tired of the big effort. Always make sure that his head is not buried under pillows and blankets and he is able to breathe. Rolling over is the first step to babies pulling themselves up.

After your baby has mastered the rolling over and gained enough confidence, he will progress to pushing himself upon his arms. He will be rocking back and forth on his knees and he will love it! Your baby will be fascinated with his arms and feet savoring his new freedom to touch and explore the world around him. The longer your baby can do this, the stronger he will become. Building up muscle and gaining more confidence will move him one step closer to pulling himself up!

Between six and seven months of age your baby will be able to sit and possibly will be experimenting with crawling. Thats when he will start trying to reach and grab on to the crib or playpen not only to touch but in an attempt to pull himself up.

Once your baby masters crawling and starts moving around with confidence he will make every attempt there is to try to grab anything within his reach and pull himself up to a standing position. Some babies need a bit of support; others do it entirely on their own. At this time your babys muscles are strong enough and he will be able to bear weight on his legs even if at the beginning its for a short time only. According to pediatricians, pulling up usually happens between 8 and 10 months of age. Often parents forget that pulling up and standing should be followed by sitting down and that babies do not know how to sit down on their own. They have to learn how to do that too, so give them a helping hand.

Household furniture is the most common aid babies use for pulling up coffee tables, TV stands, chairs, big flower pots, bookshelves, etc. Unfortunately babies cannot foresee that a clash with one of these might lead not only to bumps and bruises but even to more serious injuries. All the furniture that is not sturdy enough to support the babys weight and might topple down should be moved away, glass and metal objects are especially baby unfriendly. Soften the sharp edges of coffee and end tables with towels, remove coasters from all furniture.

Pulling up is a prerequisite to walking and babies need to have gained enough strength and balance to accomplish it. The milestone given here is a general guideline. Your baby will develop at its own speed and pace; love and encourage him and enjoy this memorable time!

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